SportsHub MK

A mixed multi-sports and leisure complex

This is a unique and innovative concept that aims to breathe life into the provision of sport and local leisure services that are in need of investment.

Part funded by commercial outlets and businesses onsite and the charitable organisation they contribute to, this project will enable sport to be more self-sufficient whilst reducing the pressure and easing the financial burden of local councils. Funding and investment will be made available to develop activities, provide enhanced facilities and and to offer opportunities for sponsorship for individuals.

This is about investing in sport at grass-roots level, enabling everyone in the community to lead a more active life and fulfilling dreams and ambitions. The Sports Hub aims to increase young people’s participation in sport as well as providing access to sport for all. 

Expertly designed, sustainably built and passionately delivered; the Sports Hub will contribute to a new and better way of doing things that everyone can benefit from, we want to create a positive social impact and we want Milton Keynes to be the beacon for the nation. 

The Sports Hub will consist of a swim school, a cricket centre, a racquet club with outdoor courts, an 18-hole golf course with driving range, a gymnastics centre, running and cycling clubs, a soft-play area with cafeteria, a wellness centre, hotel, restaurant and retail outlets. There will also be a number of new homes built around the outskirts of the complex. This will contribute towards job creation, community collaboration, fulfilling housing needs and developing social skills and apprenticeship opportunities. 

We want to see community sports thrive. We want to widen access and increase participation. By creating an environment where the potential of young and talented people can be realised and where others have the opportunity to improve their health and wellbeing, we believe the Sports Hub can help to forge a better future and can be a stepping-stone to a better tomorrow.

Let's Start Something new!