East Common


A beautifully designed and expertly constructed Victorian-style family home that gave a piece of forgotten land a new personality. Sensitive to the aesthetics of the existing area and in keeping with the charm and character of the town, East Common is the result of perseverance, diligence and innovation.


East Common was a derelict piece of land that had previously been owned by the travelling community. It had been disused for over 20 years. Six previous attempts to obtain planning permission by other developers had all failed but the Evolve team were up to the task.


Evolve worked closely with a design team to create a vision for the build that would not only put this piece of land back into use but would deliver something that the community would be proud of. By engaging with local stakeholders, planning approval was granted within just 9 weeks. All aspects of the planning, design and construction were fully project managed by Evolve.

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