Westerham Golf Club is a stunning 27-hole golf course nestled in the countryside in the heart of Kent. The course has a high ecological value and strongly enhances the local biodiversity of the area by providing a range of habitats for many different species of local flora and fauna. The exceptional design and award-winning features make Westerham one of the top courses in the county.


Westerham is classed as an open mosaic course meaning it’s constructed on land with a high environmental value. A mosaic of different habitats are supported in close proximity. Balancing the local ecology and maintaining the biodiversity of the surrounding area with designing and reshaping a new 9-hole course is always going to present challenges. Evolve had the expertise and experience to ensure success.


Evolve’s role was to shape and construct a new 9-hole course next to the existing course on infilled land that was previously neglected. By using recycled waste materials to fill the site, the course could then be constructed on top. Through the lining and shaping of the lakes to the close management of the forestry, Evolve delivered an outstanding new course that maximised the potential of the land available using sustainable resources.

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